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In the 20th Century, the self-contained capsule is a cell through which energy transfers through its boundaries and conceptualises a model for the future of dwelling. ORB is a pre-fabricated micro dwelling unit that tackles issues of limited space, economy and sustainability in modular design. ORB is composed of 14 pre-fabricated and pre-serviced fibreglass panels manufactured using

CNC cutting foam boards that are then coated with fibreglass. The micro unit covers 21 sqm of space with a footprint of 11sqm and 8.5 cubic meters of storage space, providing a comfortable and flexible interior with minimal carbon footprint. The space is organised vertically offering a stimulating experience to the dweller.

Category: Residential


Project Team:
Marco Vanucci

Date: 2017
Site: World

Status: Competition

Size: 12 sqm