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Market Square, Riccione 

The market represents the space of relationships and exchange, a place which, adapting and transforming over time, constitutes the beating heart of the city's social and commercial relations.
It is precisely the markets that have made the fortune of the historic Italian cities: from the Rialto market in Venice to the Mercato di Mezzo in Bologna or Sant’Ambrogio in Florence.

Riccione’s market square is, at the same time, a crucial and unresolved place in the urban fabric of the city. The project proposes a technological and multifunctional roof in the center of the square, a building without facades, a shelter that can also provides a spectacular backdrop for events and shows: a place to display and trade the best agricultural products and craft of the region.

Category: Commercial

Architecturel Design : OPENSYSTEMS
Visualization: DIMA

Date: 2023 - ongoing
Site: Piazza Unita, Riccione (IT)