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The Studio:

OPENSYSTEMS Architecture Ltd. is an architectural and design practice with over 15 years of collective professional experience in the field of architecture, interior design, installation, furniture and product design. The practice is based in London and operates globally.
OPENSYSTEMS Architecture pledges the organisational, performative and transformative nature of matter and material systems, and explores how material organization affects the social, technological and environmental milieu.

OPENSYSTEMS Architecture pledges research and innovation as the paramount driving force of the design process and its actual manifestation into built forms. The practice bridges experimental design and practical solutions through the rigorous implementation of physical crafts and computational protocols.

OPENSYSTEMS, as the name implies, conceives every project as a systemic integration of all aspects within an open-ended, vital designed form.
This vision is enhanced by the multidisciplinary design approach establishing fruitful exchange with a network of professional experts and consultants.


Marco Vanucci is founder and design director of OPENSYSTEMS Architecture. He graduated from the Architectural Association in London. His work has been published, exhibited and awarded internationally.

Selected Clients:

ASA Group, Knight Dragon, Terranova S.p.a., Natural Gift, Central London Home, Petroltecnica, RIBA, The Architectural Association,


Design 4 Structures,

Potion Design

Marco Vanucci, Sardonna Leung


Mirco Bianchini, Anna Muzychak, Nicola Lombardi, Begum Aydinoglu, Milivoje Sestovic, Ali Mirzaei, Leonard Liao-Briere, Erik Hoffmann, Jessie Stringer, Kai Hin Law

“The mind in repose becomes the speculum of all creation” — we hear too much about relaxing and ‘meditation’. My mind (and I expect yours) works in reverse — the stimulus is from without — always chaotic, procreative and spatial of strange conjunctures; and ‘repose’ a period of fatigue or sleep, a renewal of the tension necessary for contexturation of creativity.

The supreme defeat is resignation. The triumph over death and all things is by fearless desire. There is not one thing obtained in this world except by effort and struggle to render desire. The born genius is only spending the virtue of previous effort.

Ubique Daemon / Ubique Deus
Austin Osman Spare; Wikipedia︎